Access Control as a Service, or ACaaS, is a cloud-based access control solution that enables customers to manage and control physical space access remotely over the Internet. In order to control access to buildings, rooms, or particular sections inside a facility, ACaaS often makes use of web-based applications, mobile apps, or other software platforms.

Users of an ACaaS system can govern access control permissions, establish guidelines for who is permitted to enter particular spaces, and keep an eye on access behaviours remotely. Businesses, institutions of higher learning, and other organizations that must control access to physical areas but lack the funds or management skills to operate an on-premises access control system frequently employ this kind of service.


Manage and administer your access control system from anywhere, be it desktop PC, or mobile device.


You will always be running with latest software version. No more hassle, no more software upgrade cost.


No need of PC/server hardware, low OPEX cost, seamless, and transparent service subscription pricing.


What is ACaaS
ACaaS is a cloud-based access control system that provides remote management and regulation of premises access via the Internet for buildings, offices, and other locations.

What are the benefits of ACaaS?
Cost reductions, scalability, and ease of management are just a few advantages of ACaaS. Users may simply add or revoke access permissions, monitor user behaviour, and react to security events in real-time with ACaaS.

What are the differences of ACaaS vs traditional access control systems?
Traditional access control systems are deployed on-premises, whereas ACaaS is hosted in the cloud and accessed remotely. This may lead to lower initial costs, simpler scaling, and more flexibility.

Is ACaaS secure?
ACaaS systems protect data and stop illegal access using encryption, authentication, and access controls.

Who can benefit from ACaaS?
Every institution, including corporations, schools, hospitals, government organisations, and more, that needs to control access to physical areas can benefit from ACaaS.

How much does ACaaS cost?
Depending on the organization's particular requirements, the size of the facility, and the quantity of doors or other access points that need to be protected, an ACaaS solution's price may change. Generally, ACaaS is provided as a monthly or yearly fee-based subscription service.